Monday, January 1, 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017, What did we learn? - Moving forward into 2018...Enjoy!

 Happy New Year Everybody!

First let's reflect on the year gone by 
and be grateful, we made it into the "New" year! 
Hopefully with a new perspective as to how to 
move forward into the 2018 energies.

To me and I must say to most,  2017 was filled with extremes! Great gains, and great losses!  The Universe and Mother Earth definitely did some house cleaning, rearranging, and shifting.  Forcing us to make changes.  Between floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and fires; mass shootings, riots, political warfare, and personal character attacks.  It seems to me that all the uglies came out of the woodwork and we had to make decisions of where we stood.  Not only within the world we live in, but within ourselves as well!  We had to ask what is it that we ourselves really believed in, what are we willing to fight for, or are willing to take a stand for?  Really,  what were we willing to put up with?  And where do we draw the line between letting the negative or positive energies influence our lives, our own lives; and our decisions making?   

The positive side of 2017, if you truly look at it, we were forced to become more compassionate towards others, become more grateful, learn acceptance and really had to learn to appreciate when one or two things did come along that were positive.  We were forced, in a sense, to get back in touch with ourselves, (which is never a bad thing); to understand or re-examine our own emotions, and how we relate not only to things, but others and the world as well.  We learned how to stand up for ourselves and how to lend a helping hand when we could.  We learned both our strengths and our weaknesses, and what we were willing and not willing to put up with any longer! 

So, you can consider this past year 2017, to be taken as a learning curve, an inner exploration of what is important to you as an individual on all levels.   The 2017 energy pattern pretty much held true for most of the world.

So, where does that leave us now coming into 2018?
Well, now we know don't we?  Now you know or should at least know and have a general understanding of ourselves and our personal opinions and how you want to move forward within our own lives; because 2017 really tested us all, to see where we truly stood on all levels.  From the political arena to the state of humanity, where compassion, understanding and acceptance along with patience and tolerance was needed.   

2017 ran the gamut of emotions and acceptance of change!   And we are hoping moving forward, that we got the message of 2017 energies.  As we must now, moving forward, pay attention, wake-up and be more observant of our own thoughts, words and actions, as each one of us must learn responsibility for these things, if we truly want to change the world!

So a quick glimpse into the 2018 energies -  As I can tell right now it is looking that 2018, will be a time for picking up the pieces, and not just picking them up, but picking them up and putting them in the proper place, the proper order or perspective within your own home, your own mind, your own heart and your own world.  

Whether you liked it or not 2017 brought things to the forefront both positive and negative, so you could reevaluate what was truly important to you.  So knowing and understanding this, do not carry any grudges, or misconceptions, accept the change and look at 2018 as a window of opportunity, whether it be to re-invent yourself, your surroundings, your family and friends, or whatever was standing in your way from being your true, loving caring joyous self.  If Mother Earth herself, is cleaning house, why shouldn't you?  So, with that perspective, this is the year to be brave and run with your self-discoveries and begin to build a world that is acceptable for you!  Again this is just a quick idea of what 2018 energies will be bringing.  

There will be two (2) major energy shifts this year (2018) which will also change the energy structure of 2018.  I know the first shift will be sometime in March.  I will get more Universal information as to the exact dates after January 15th, so check back then or subscribe to get the new information I will be posting...

But all in all, it will be a very interesting 2018 and it will be very interesting to see the many changes that will take place both on our planet and how we as human's are willing to change for the better and release the negative energies we have been carrying for too long!    The energy of human's must change by the year 2020, and as we saw this past year, if you as an individual chooses not to assist with the change, by accepting others, learning forgiveness, compassion, love, and assisting with speaking up that these things count, then I guess both the Universe an Mother Earth will clean it up for you as we saw in 2017, we really didn't have to many choices, did we?  You must realize it is  the weight of the negative disposition we are in that is literally suffocating our Earth, Atmosphere and our hearts...   Again changing the world, is truly a choice, you can either be a part of the change for the better, or you can hide in the shadows and do nothing, but guaranteed, when our light, comes to find you and is beaming love directly on top of you, there will be no more shadows for you to hide behind!  And you too will then be forced to take responsibility for your choices and actions, good or bad!   So hey, make the choice this year, don't wait to be forced into it!  You be in control of your destiny, your world; and go out there and share kindness, lend an ear; or a hand.  Show people your beautiful smile and maybe even be brave enough to give a stranger a hug, that's all it takes to start making a positive change in our world, you know!!!!  

Happy beginning of a new year - Called 2018 everybody!

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Blessings everyone!

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